Types of Projector Accessories

  1. Cable

Cable is arguably one of the most important projector accessories. Without these accessories the laptop / PC users will not be able to transmit video signals into the projector. There are several types of cables that can be used by the projector. VGA cable, DVI cable and HDMI cable.

  1. Case Protector

Some projector manufacturers provide a protective case for the projector. Accessories this one projector is useful for those of you who often travel. When using this device, users do not have to worry about the security of the projector. There are two types of cases that your projector can use: Hard Case and Soft Case.

  1. Supporting Lenses

Usually a projector has a limit of ability to be able to display an existing image. Users can use projector accessories in the form of a support lens to be able to display the visualization to your liking. Lenses are also available in various types, you can choose a short lens to display the visualization at a fairly short distance, long lens for long distances and ultra long lens for a distance that is too far away.

  1. ceiling mount projector kit

This is one of the projector accessories that are usually used by many projector users because by using these accessories the placement of the projector becomes easier and also quite simple so it does not take many places. Mounting is an accessory usually used on the projector to be able to attach to the top of the ceiling of a room. So with the mount, the user can attach the projector at the top of a room, will look more simple and does not take up much space.

  1. Remote

Remote can also be quite useful accessories. With the presence of a remote presentation can move anywhere in accordance with his will. These accessories also make the presentation will be more mobile in doing the movement. You also just press the button to perform various controls, such as next, previous, stop or maybe play against the slide presentation that you want to display.