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Five Fundamental Elements of an Effective Website All aspects of modern life connects to the Internet, and this, as a result, has made users all the more meticulous. It requires a winning mixture of elements to make a good quality site, and users are searching for not simply information, but also a compelling and physically attractive format. A good website gives users what they need, but also provides incentive for repeat visits. Below is a list of elements that your website should have: Right Color Mix
A Brief Rundown of Designs
Your website’s design has to use a nice and effective color pattern that emphasizes your logo and pictures. According to color theory principles, color schemes come in three key types:
The Path To Finding Better Websites
> Analogous, which consists of colors that lie adjacent to each other on the color wheel, like green and yellow; > Complementary, where colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, like red and green; and > Monochromatic, where only one color is used but in different values. A good web designer knows how to select a color scheme that is able to convey the right message through your website, and lay down a visual order of operations based on the principles of the color theory. Consistent Theme The layout of your site will change from page to page – for example, you would normally want the homepage to be more captivating or attractive compared to pages inside, but you have to consider the site’s theme’s general effect as well. A good theme is clear and focused, and every page should reflect it by having the same colors and layout. All images and content should as well be related to the subject of the pages where they are found. The Right Fonts When deciding to use a font, content volume and relevance to the site’s informational hierarchy must be considered. Too many fonts or font sizes can be distracting, and while it is tempting to use a lot of fancy fonts, it is best to be basic and consistent. User Friendliness End users – your clients – are the most important people involved in your website’s design. Ensure that your website loads reasonably quickly, is easy to navigate, and provides a lot of helpful information and resources for its visitors. Your web designer should, in fact, keep usability in mind at each stage of the project, from conceptualization to site development and maintenance. Clear Contact Details Finally, even if your website contains all the first four elements, it will still not be totally effective if they cannot locate your contact details. Good web design includes displaying this crucial piece of information where your site visitors can easily find it. The idea is for them to easily get in touch with you, or you may lose that chance of communication altogether.