Technology Dependence And How Primitive Tips Can Assist Our Society Survive

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No one is going to bother the venerable Wall Street institutions hanging about our collective neck like a rock. No one is going to shed sleep more than the Silicon Valley technology cartel, which is rapidly acquiring more power than the greatest bank ever had. And there will be war, Senator Sanders, as positive as I am sitting right here and you are sitting there, there will be war. With a tiny bit of luck, it will be an old fashioned cold war that will further impoverish the nation and strip citizens of even more civil rights. If luck runs out, and it will, Americans will once again die in some God forsaken desert with an unpronounceable name, to shield our freedom”.

Use to be parents had manage when there kid ended up receiving consequences. Now the Social websites have control and your little ones can block you from there account, trying to control you. Yes it may possibly sound intrusive but when you have a 20 year old chasing a 15 year old, I actually have a difficulty with that. Social sites such as FB should give the parent far more control of their child’s account. We must not have to jump through hoops to defend our children.

gmwilliams: I guess I have by no means gotten hooked on technology as I am also busy trying to function and make a living. Glad you can make your living on the internet. I just can’t sit for hours at a time in front of a screen, I like human speak to and interaction considerably far better. I like recieving hand written letters alternatively of e-mails and I like physically talking to a person in person not on a screen. There is just something missing in technological communication. I guess it really is the human element. i’m just an old fart I guess LOL LOL. Glad you really like technology…..enjoy!!!.why would they join us right here? it requires writing capabilities (minimal, I admit) to be right here on HP! They are playing their virtual games proper now, donning pseudo characters and having virtual experiences and virtual challenges. They are far off in lands we in no way had or knew.

The alphabet (and its ‘extension’ into typography) created feasible the spread of the energy that is expertise, and shattered the bonds of tribal man, thus exploding him into agglomeration of folks. Electric writing and speed pour upon him, instantaneously and continuously, the concerns of all other guys. He becomes tribal when far more. The human household becomes 1 tribe once again.