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The Importance of a Dash Cam for Your Dashboard Dash cams are getting more and more popular these days, especially in Western countries. Back in the days, only police cars had dash cams installed. Within a short period of time, dozens of people have uploaded videos that sported their driving sprees. Due to the rampant corruption and increasing insurance fraud issues that some countries continue to experience, many people are now opting to have their own dash cams installed.
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There’s also the possibility of getting involved in an accident wherein the driver is at no fault. There are so many corrupt police officers these days. There are officers who fine drivers that didn’t break any driving laws. Finally, there’s the huge fear of getting charged for hitting a pedestrian. Times have changed and in the most ridiculous situations, some videos have shown pedestrians jumping in front of a car on the go for the purpose of claiming money from the driver’s insurance. A dash cam will help you avoid getting involved in such situations. Say there are no such incidents in your area, but you can’t really be sure that you won’t encounter a similar event in the future. It’s still recommended that you have a dash cam installed so you can defend yourself from accusations that aren’t true. The good thing about modern times is, the court may eventually ask for video evidence for drivers who get accused of some crime. A dash cam ensures that you can always defend yourself against false accusations. On the other hand, there are a lot of consumers who get a cheap dash cam just for fun. Recording beautiful sights can now be possible with a dash cam. Even with a cheap dash cam, you can get the rare opportunity to record the movements and activities of wildlife as you drive through the country and mountainous areas. There’s no need to hand-carry a camera while you drive if you want to capture rare moments. This gives you the convenience that other cameras cannot offer for the driving community. Dash cams will immediately start recording once you turn the ignition key. You will find numerous dashboard cameras that allow for recording up to four hours of footage. You will also discover that a cheap dash cam still produces quality videos. If you’re worrying about the disk space, you just have to trust that the best cheap dash cam makes use of “cyclic recording,” which means it overwrites the oldest footage so you have space for more. Of course, the dash cam also allows you to delete footage that you’ve already saved on your hard drive.