Make Voice to Text Easier

Specific Needs

For many companies, dictation is a necessary form of compiling reports, memos, notes, as well as just having a file on hand with the written word. There have been vast improvements in the voice-to-text technology in recent years, and as a result, you can find a myriad of equipment that suits your needs best for your business. Audio files can be difficult to understand, especially among the varying degrees of listeners who may have a harder time understanding certain accents or garbled speech. To ensure that your workers and clients know exactly what is being said, you should utilize top quality call in dictation systems.

What Can It Offer You?

Utilizing a company known as VoiceWare’s software, you can combine both dictation and transcription. This can save you an extra step which means you save time. They also provide an easy share system in which you can then send those transcripted files to your employees or to whoever needs to see the file. If you require more than just software, such as equipment, VoiceWare is ready to provide a number of pieces of transcription equipment to make sure that you or your employees can transcribe quickly and efficiently. Whether you intend to transcribe via phone, computer, or even a digital recorder, they have equipment that can be compatible with the device. They also have items like headsets and foot pedals to help your transcriptionists move through the file quickly and have excellent audio quality in the hopes of understanding those patches of garbled conversation. For those looking for refurbished equipment to save a few dollars, VoiceWare has the necessary equipment for you, too.

If your employees don’t have quite enough training, especially in the medical field, as transcriptionists, VoiceWare offers a few lessons to hone their skills as well as software to help them dictate directly. With this, their software, and their equipment in hand, you can transform easily misunderstood voice files into neatly compiled text files. With this clear understanding, your business can run faster and smoother.