Is a Tablet for You?

Are you looking to add another piece of technology to your family of tech? If so, have you ever considered a tablet? If you are tired of sitting at your desk all day, a tablet might be right for you. If you are having a hard time reading your smartphone due to its size, then a tablet might be for you. When it comes to the ultimate in portability, then a tablet is definitely for you. According to a consumer report article, you should ask yourself these five questions before you purchase a tablet. These five questions are as follows: Which operating system would you like to buy (Android, Apple, or Windows)? How large of a tablet are you looking to purchase; large (10 inch), medium (9 inch), or small (7 inch)? What kind of money budget are you working with? Would you want a keyboard function? How would you want to be able to connect; 4G or Wi-Fi? According to a tablet buying guide, some of your current choices in the tablet world include: Apple iPad Pro, Google Pixel C, Microsoft Surface Pro, and the Amazon Fire. How you pick your tablet also depends on what it’s primary use will be. If you are looking to replace your PC, you will want something more powerful. If you just want to be able to watch movies on the go and check your emails, then something with a smaller budget might do. Unlike computers, you can’t upgrade your storage on a tablet. This is vital information to know because you will run out of storage room quick if you are not careful. Sometimes cheaper is not always a better option when it comes to the large world of owning a tablet.

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