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Do You Need a Moving Company to Move Your Piano?

The job of moving and storing a piano nowadays is quite a big deal for an owner like you who does not want a single dent on it. The piano is one big and heavy instrument and unlike all other things you have at home, even appliances and cabinets, it’s the one that needs to be carefully moved, implying that you might have to hire a piano moving company once the day comes that you’re moving into a new home or place. Obviously, you never can leave it behind.

But why do you need a professional movers when all your other stuff can be move and transported by you? The answer is because the piano is a very delicate instrument, and when it is moved by an amateur like you, the likelihood of it getting damaged or even broken could lead to either an expensive repair cost or worst, irreparable damage. And considering that it could carry with it sentimental value, it only means that you definitely need the pros to handle the moving job so as to prevent the likelihood of damage.

A piano’s value, for the most part is determined by several factors, including that of the original price when it was purchased, its age, make, and model. But all of that will no longer matter once you try to move and transport it and in the process put some damage to it. So if you really intend to take care of it for the rest of its life, you must be willing enough to spend money to pay pros to handle it for you.
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For the most part, the piano moving company will be moving the piano out of your home and into a storage unit or facility they also own, and after that, it will then be moved to its new home, which in this case is your new place. For the entire process, there’s a guarantee that your prized instrument will always be in good hands all throughout. The certainty of a safe travel for your instrument is literally what you’re paying for.
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Furthermore, hiring a moving company to move the piano to your new place isn’t just about making sure it is protected against damage, but it also is about guaranteeing that the flooring of the new home won’t get damaged due to the massive weight of the instrument. Typically, owners who do the moving themselves are late to realize that the flooring has been damaged or scratched due to the improper handling of the piano. So if you don’t intend to spend money fixing a broken floor, it’s time to be smart and let the piano moving company do its job. Because the wheels of the piano are mostly made of steel, damage to the floor is almost certain once the instrument is dragged.