Great Planet Of Technology

technologyScience is the systematic way of acquiring understanding by way of observation and experimentation, whereas technology is the practical application of science. Technology is utilised to design products that improve the high quality of human life.

Unfortunately, Pete’s limited education and intellect prevents him from becoming able to defend the lies, misinformation and strawman arguments he spams on his blog. His debating capabilities amount to copying and pasting benefits from amateur Google searches with out reading them, fabricating conspiratorial delusions that help his emotional positions and then censoring truth-primarily based comments that refute all of the nonsense he spams.

Fantastic hub, properly written and informative. I’ve worked in IT and can empathize with some of the scenarios you’ve described, but at the same time I’ve also had some great experiences with customers and all in all located the very good outweighed the lesser experiences. You absolutely have the appropriate ideas about the partnership amongst client and IT although so hold it up and I hope you have some fantastic experiences as well!

Hey, I’m tight on price range around 45k, also u have mentioned the minimum needs for an engineering student, thinking about those specs I would like add one particular more – a excellent keyboard ( as I’m studying laptop science engineering ) and quite transportable, thinking about all these plz suggest a handful of transportable laptops below 50k, which perform fantastic and is also good for multimedia and lite gaming, my minimum specifications are – 6gb ram, 512gb ssd/hdd, 1080p screen, dedicated graphics, above 2. GHz, screen size 13.three-14. I can compromise on memory, but not on efficiency , graphics and screen resolution. Thanking you !

What I like about Rushkoff is that he is not afraid to coin/invent jargon and breakdown how we use contemporary gizmos and their techniques, alsottried to educate us as to how to realize, apply and utilize the media technologies in our possession today. I find his usage of ‘technological currency’ to gring an realize that the new folwing rial stream is not static, and it is the effects and impacts of this flow that he talks about in excellent detail, and resonates with the ordinary user, and we recognize ourselves in what he is talking about. This is what McLuhan did, and that is why several of us venerate McLuhan, and he was writing pre-computer systems and the Internet-let alone Social Media.