Essential Tips For Keeping Your Warehouse Work Environment Safe

By: Vitaly Volkov

In terms of warehouse safety, the upsides to taking precautions are sometimes taken for granted. In many workplaces, the time and resources necessary for proper safety procedures are often left by the wayside in order to hopefully save money. Doing so doesn’t really consider the “big picture” however. It’s actually quite beneficial for employee satisfaction and productivity rates to put effort towards safety procedures. It also cuts down on the likelihood of injuries and all of the repercussions that tend to follow.

If you want to make sure your warehouse work environment remains safe, consider these basic guidelines:

1 – Make Sure Everyone Uses Safety Equipment

First of all, proper safety equipment and gear such as hard hats and goggles should be worn wherever needed. It’s also essential that tools and equipment are used whenever certain items or loads are too heavy to move by hand. It’s also important to make sure there are emergency exits that are clearly marked and unobstructed. The roof needs a sprinkler system installed as well. All of these steps will cut down on any potential injuries on the job. You can possibly cut costs by avoiding them, but the risks involved will only be more costly in the end.

2 – Get Rid of Obvious Safety Hazards

There are a lot of steps that can be taken to remove obvious hazards. For instance, start by removing any slipping or tripping hazards from the floors. Routine safety checks should also be a part of the workplace. Make sure to watch for spills, loose wires, stray cords, or loose objects left out in the open. Cracks and crevices in the flooring and walls should also be addressed, as well as any problems with stairwells or scaffolding.

3 – Make Sure Everyone Lifts Safely

Any loads of heavy objects need to be assessed before they are dealt with. Decide how they can be dealt with in the most optimal fashion possible. If they need to be lifted by heavy equipment or machinery like electric pallet trucks, be sure that there aren’t any obstructions in the way. There needs to be enough space available for the load in its destination as well. Be sure that your equipment isn’t filled beyond capacity as well; the driver should always have a clear view of where they’re going. This must be honoured even if it means making multiple trips. Finally, make sure only the workers that have been properly trained to operate the likes of forklifts are doing so.

4 – Keep Hazardous Areas of the Workplace Marked

If you have any areas of the warehouse that contain necessary hazards or dangerous equipment, make sure they are clearly marked for everyone’s safety. You should make sure safe passage such as walkways are provided as well. Bright tape or striped patterns placed on the floor in front of the dangerous area are a great visual indicator that everyone can pick up on. Without clear labelling, even well trained staff members may walk into hazardous situations without realising it.

5 – Make Sure to Provide Regular Training Courses

You should make sure that your entire staff is well educated regarding their responsibilities within the workplace. This includes proper safety procedures as well. It’s useful to make sure everyone is given refresher courses from time to time as well. The consequences of developing careless habits must be hammered home for everyone involved. Be sure to illustrate the importance of giving each task the exact amount of time it needs in order to be done properly; rushing for the sake of time is one of the biggest causes of warehouse accidents.

6 – Maintain General Awareness

A basic sense of awareness is among the most crucial safety precautions for the workplace. You can maintain it quite simply through basic communication. If everyone is watchful, incidents such as collisions can easily be avoided. With this in mind, you may want to work on some basic lingo that everyone understands to make quick communication as easy as possible.