Mythology - Jupiter

King of the Roman gods, son of Saturn (whom he overthrew) and Ops, husband of Juno. He was particularly concerned with oaths, treaties, confederations and with the most ancient and sacred form of marriage. Jupiter, the name, is derived from the root word "bright." Originally the god of the sky, Jupiter was worshiped as god of rain, thunder, and lightning. He developed into the prime protector of the state, and as the protector of Rome he was called "Jupiter Optimus Maximus." As "Jupiter Fidius" he was guardian of law, defender of truth, and protector of justice and virtue. The Romans identified Jupiter with Zeus, the supreme god of the Greeks, and assigned to the Roman god the attributes and myths of the Greek divinity; the Jupiter of Latin literature, therefore, has many Greek characteristics, but the Jupiter of Roman religious worship remained substantially untouched by the Greek influence. With the goddeses Juno and Minerva, Jupiter formed the triad whose worship was the central cult of the Roman state.

Mythology - Juno

Queen of the heavens, supreme female deity, and the wife of the god Jupiter. She was the protector of women from birth to death and was worshiped under several names, i.e. Virginalis, Opigena, Sospita, Natalis, Juga (Jugalis), and Matrona, among others. As Juno Pronuba she presided over marriage; as Juno Lucina she aided women in childbirth; and as Juno Regina she was the special counselor and protector of the Roman state. She is considered to be the female counterpart to Jupiter, king of the gods. Every year, on the first of March, women held a festival in honor of Juno called the Matronalia. To this day, many people consider the month of June, which is named after the goddess to be the most favorable time to marry. The peacock is sacred to Juno.

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