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Why Cursive Handwriting is Necessary for Your Child

If you are keen enough, you may have noticed that kids nowadays are rarely taught about handwriting, specifically cursive handwriting. With the advancing technology, most schools have decided to eliminate handwriting altogether and prepare students for a future where typing is the only form of writing. Controversy, therefore, is on the rise in school since kids who are in elementary classes and are still developing their reading a writing skills need education on handwriting.

In 2010, the Department of Education produced their Common Core State Standards for education and curiously cursive handwriting was missing. This documentation contains the core practices that should be applied in mathematics and English language. To finish college successfully or be prosperous in their careers, students are required to follow these set of rules provided by the education department. The elimination of cursive handwriting has coincided with the introduction of keyboarding as a skill for elementary school children. This has been seen by many as demeaning to cursive handwriting and the benefits it has provided to children.

Cursive handwriting has for a long time been fundamental in the education system, even though its elimination hasn’t been explained. Today, the new Common Core Standards allow states to choose whether or not to include cursive handwriting in their curriculum. This has led to many states eliminating cursive handwriting from their curriculums since they think it is time-wasting and old-fashioned.
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Whether you are for or against inclusion of cursive handwriting in elementary schools, you need to remember that this is an essential part of education. However, the recent changes to eliminate it go a long way to show that there are many changes that are in the education sector without considering the learners in the first place. The quick shift to remove cursive handwriting from schools doesn’t have an adequate explanation until now. With most of the education focused on technology, schools have opted to teach keyboarding. This has shifted the efforts from essential factors such as lessons in handwriting, spelling, and even composition.
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If you are interested in cursive handwriting, there are very many resources online that you can use. This handwriting will help kids develop essential neuropathways for better habit changes and response to repeated actions. In cursive handwriting, letters connect to each other differently. This puts in action the part of the brain that is responsible for converting symbols and sequences into movements of the hands. While there is a lot of controversy regarding the removal of cursive handwriting in schools, evidence suggests that cursive handwriting lessons have a major impact in the early life of a child hence are essential.