Different Types Of Blouses

Saree is a quintessential Indian traditional wear. A perfect woman knows what to wear on perfect occasion. Thinking of what to wear at wedding, parties? the first attire comes into the mind is beautiful drapped saree. Due to its global popularity, the prominenece of saree is increasing day by day. It can easily wear at the occasions like social gathering, engagement and festivals. The Indian sari is more than 5000 years old. Saree is a perfect outfit to look slim, tall and charming. With prevailing fashion trend, there are different styles of blouse are introduced. Following are the types of blouse.


  1. Backless Blouse: Women who want stylish touch to their saree then they can go for backless blouse. To make a fashion statement go for sensuous cut and back necklines. This type of blouse is perfect for hourglass shaped body types and can drape with any kind of saree don’t get this in silk and cotton silk fabric. Not suitable for short necks women.

2) Halter Neck Blouse: It is most trendy wear in these days. This blouse is best for evening party because it is the fusion of indian western touch. It is suitable for slim and well toned shoulders. This outfit can go with northern style and dhoti saree. Georgette, Chiffons, Satin silk and crepes are best fabric for this blouse. Not suitable for heavy busted and broad shoulder women.

3) Boat Neck Blouse: This type of neckline is mostly worn by bollywood divas. Go for embroidered and sparkle fabrics for this. Women having broad shoulders, heavy busted ladies and plump girls can wear it. Can get in light fabrics like georgette and satin. Narrow shoulders and slim women should avoid this type.

4) High Neck Blouse: Toned neck and lon neck women can go with this style. Women with broad shoulders and well-toned collar women can look gorgeous in this type. Best suitable with dhoti sari. Get in the fabric of satin and georgette. Women who have short necks say big no to this style.

5) Asymmetric Blouse: If you want cuts from here and there then, and wants some funky look then get this type of blouse. Anyone can wear it.

6) Collar Neckline: Women who want to remove the cleavage issue in safe and stylish way then choose collar blouse. You can embellished it with thread and hand embroidery work. Much suitable with well toned collars and broad shoulder women. Can paired it with dhoti and short patli sarees. Embroidery Salwar Suit Online & Customize this saree with satin and georgette fabric. Not suitable for women having short necks.

7) Peter Pan Collar Style: This type of blouse have round collar meeting in the front and much suitable for the women with long neck. Go with northern style and short floating style saree type for this. Get this blouse in the fabric like georgette and satin.

8) Jacker Style: It is best type for winter and autumn season. Highly preferable with normal and dhoti sarees. Give ravishing look with kamarbandhs. Suitable for pear and hourglass shaped women. Wear this blouse with gujrati and bengali drape. Customize in satin and georgette stuffs.

9) Knotted Blouse: To make the heads turn and for retro look go for knotted blouse. It will surely give you fabulous look in special occasion. You will love this idea having knot and bow at the back.

10) Sheer Neck or Illusion Blouse: Just look WOW! in this style of blouse. Best for petite women and can wear with northern and short floating sarees. Must avoided by plump and fat women.

11) U-Shaped: For traditional look go with this type of blouse. Best for well toned and average busted women and must avoid by heavy chested and flat chested women.

12) Princess Cut: It is smarter way to clings tight to your bosom. Women of well toned shoulders and average busted women can go with this style. A big no for the ladies having heavy and flat chested.

13) Spaghetti Strap Blouse: This style is adapting by all the ladies in today scenerio. This idea of this blouse is coming form spaghetti tops. Pearls and stones are used in the straps to give it awe-inspiring look. Women of triangle, hourglass and round shaped look gorgeous in this style.

14) Keyhole Neck Blouse: This style is best who like to do experiment with the dressing sense. Well embellished blouse can give a compliment to your style statement.

15) Round Neck: This is the one of the oldest type of neckline. It has been there since Nutan times. Round neck is best for all the body types.

16) Square Neck Blouse: If you love simplicity then this style is specially introduced for you. Suitable for Inverted Triangle, Average Body type and Hourglass, Slim body types. Can customize in lighter fabrics.

17) Embroidered Blouse: This one is best for the occasion like wedding and parties. Best for all the women and can design on fabrics like crepe, satin silk, dupion silk and buy Punjabi Designer Suits Online.

18) Crew Neck: This style is best for tender and slim women. You can teamed it pleated saree. Get it in chinon and chiffon fabrics. Not suitable for flat chested women.

19) Jewel Neck Blouse: This one is most popular nowadays. It eliminate the need of wearing any jewellery. It is embroidered with gems and jewels. Can get it on any fabric.

20) Sweetheart Blouse: It is the most common style of blouse. If you are fond of deep neck then go for this style. Suitable for the hourglass body shapes and fuller chest women. Can get on any fabris. Not suitable for those who don’t like exposure.

Why Sad Songs Make Us Happy

For the first time a scientific explanation of the influence of music on human health was formulated by an ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Pythagoras: every melody synchronizes the work of internal organs. This happens because all of our bodies – it is a source of energy and electromagnetic waves of a given frequency, and as sounds of music consist of waves, too, they come into resonance with our inner energy impulses – and setting our bodies to change

The fact that music activates the sensory routes, mutes pain, was proved through medical experiments. They proved that music helps reduce anxiety in the subjects and reduced the pain threshold.

Scientists have found that music lessons develop memory and mental abilities of children. Their prolonged observation proved that without any special exercises for memory, human memory is improved in proportion to how long he studied music as a child.

Another proven fact positive effect of music on human health is the fact that the sonorous melody help recovery after heart surgery. Listening to joyful and cheerful music to bring out positive emotions and good mood, is recommended in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. According to scientists, the music helps a person improve blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels and slowing heart rate.

Scientists have found that sounds coming in the different intervals and in a certain tonality, are able to kill disease-causing germs. When in the Middle Ages, the city covered the plague to deal with it, the people, still, rang the bell. And it really helped. Today it is known that the activity of microbes in the human body decreases by 40%, after they are listening church music or chimes for a long time.

Music prevents hearing loss. It was found during one of simple experiments. 163 rd subjects, 74 of whom were former musicians, were offered to pass some tests, the results of which showed that even a 70-year old musicians hears speech in noisy environments and perceives sounds better than 50-year old non-musicians.

Moreover, most people always need psychological support in the truest sense of the word: that is, with the whole environment – the people, the atmosphere, talk and even the weather – and keep consistent with the mood in which they exist. This is often a subconscious desire, but for that very reason there is a feeling of harmony. Imagine you spent the night with a loved one, you feel perfectly happy, look out the window, and then the rain and gray skies. You will agree that something is wrong, something is not pleasant. When we are happy, we need bright sunshine, friendly smiles, dancing and even reckless loud cries we call a desire to shout together. And when the problems are there to stay, even the sun is annoying. So it is with music. If I feel bad and sad, cheerful music will be unnerving and sad to maintain. Roughly speaking, when you feel bad, you subconsciously want to know that someone else was feeling at least as bad. However, it is a natural desire to be “pulled” out of a poor psychological state. One needs to be told, “Look, it’s not that bad!”. Those who are facing a period of frustration just choose something utterly fun and cheerful. Sometimes even those who do not really need (who belongs to a different psychological type and needs the support of the conciliation), try to use this method of exit of the crisis: to go to a party, to escape, to get drunk, to see a most hindi punjab music comedy. But usually it is not working. Sadness, depression, frustration need to be lived through.

Sometimes, listening to a sad music is the solution. You listen to the sad and romantic music and suddenly you find yourself feeling comforted. Why would this happen?

Experts have tried to give an explanation for this and came to the conclusion that these types of sad or romantic compositions arouse unconscious anxiety, however, the brain quickly comes to realize that the real danger is not there (or is it beyond reach), and rewards us a sense of fun, close to what we experience for example, from extreme sports. Such an explanation I like best.

And that is true, the emotions experienced through music, do not carry the danger or harm, as opposed to the emotions that we experience in everyday life. Thus, you can even enjoy such contradictory feelings as sadness.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors

Bollywood industry is blessed with exceptional talent. We have number one singers, musicians, actor and actresses. Bollywood celebrities are paying what they deserves based on their hardwork and popularity. Here are the top 10 bollywood Actors who are earning in crores from their single movies:

1) Salman Khan: He is originally known as Abdul Rashid Salim Salman khan (27 Dec 1965). He has done near about 80 movies. He has debuted with the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi in 1988. Super hero Salman Khan is number one in the highest paying bollywood actors list. He charges incredible fee of rs. 60 crore for per movie. No one can raise questions against it because all his movies go beyond the 100 crore club. For the recent movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ he charged Rs. 60 crore and become number one highest paid hero.

2) Aamir Khan: In this list Aamir Khan is ranked 2nd carefully. Mr. perfectionist was born on 14 March 1965 and introduced as a child artist in Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973). He has given enormous block buster movies to bollywood industry. He did his commercial action movie Ghajini in 2008 which was the highest grossing film of its time and earn about Rs. 226 crore on box office. Because of his brilliant success he charges near about 50 crores per movie.

3) Akshay Kumar: Akki was born 9 sept 1967 in Amritsar, djpunjab and his birth name was Rajiv Hari Om-Bhatia. He is one of the most handsome and dashing hero of bollywood. His debut movie was Saugandh (1991). He gets what he deserves near about Rs. 40 to 45 crore he charges per movie and also share in profit as well. Khiladi is also the number one who paid highest tax every year. We can see the Akshay near about 100 hindi movies and also become one of the richest bollywood celebrities.

4) Shahrukh Khan: King Khan was born on 2nd Nov 1965 at New Delhi. He started his career from television and his debut movie was Deewan (1992). Earlier he was recognised for villainous roles after that he become romantic hero. He takes approximately 35-40 crores per movie. Now he mostly do his home production movies so he earns only from profits.

5) Hrithik Roshan: The blue eyed boy of bollywood industry was born on 10 Jan 1974. He has wonderful Greek God personality and his superb acting makes him Super Hero these days. He done his debut movie as a romantic hero in Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hain (2000) His performance was too good in this movie that he earn film fare award for this. He charges Rs. 30 crore per movie but according to recent report that he is going to pay 50 crore in Mohanjo Daro movie so he gives tough compitation to 2nd listed hero. Now he has become exclusive choice of films and brand endorsements thats why he is the one of the richest bollywood stars.

6) Ranbir Kapoor: He is the representee of reputed Kapoor family in present generation and took birth on 28 Sept 1982. He is the chocolaty hero of bollywood industry. He done his debut movie Saawariya in 2007 as a romanic hero. Based on our survey he earns Rs. 25-30 crore per movie. His striking movies Barfi and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani hiked his fees significantly.

7) Ajay Devgan: Vishal Veeru Devgan was oborn on 2 April 1969 and later on known as Ajay Devgan. He is the finest bollywood actor, producer and director. His debuted movie was Phool Aur Kaante (1991) and also get filmfare award for better performance. He received near about Rs. 25 crore per film.

8) Amitabh Bachchan: This legend was born on 11 oct 1942 in Allahabad. He done his debuted movie in Saat Hindustani. He get fames from Zanjeer (1972) as ab action movie star. He is old but still one of the top 10 highest paid actors. Mr. Bachchan earned near about 18-20 crore per movie. He is the shahenshah of bollywood. Big B is also in much demand because of his brilliant work and popularity.

9) Saif Ali Khan: The cool dude was born on 16 Aug 1970 in New Delhi. He made his acting debut in Parampara (1993) that was not a successful movie. He done brilliant jobs in Hum Saath Saath Hain and Main Khiladi Tu Anari. After his continous success he charges 15 crore per movie that is quite well because almost his bollywood  movies do only average on box office.

10) Ranveer Singh: The stylish and most demanding hero of this century was born on 6 july 1985. He done his debut movie Band Baaja Baaraat in 2010 for this he get Best Male Debut award in Filmfare Awards. His talent is praised all over the world. He gets 12 to 15 crore per movie. His best movies are Gundey, Dil Dhadakne Do and recent Bajirao Mastani, the highest grossing bollywood movie.

The Effects of Television

Technology is blessing for us today it has made life easier and better. It impact on minds in good and bad ways and it enable people to share knowledge in different field which they want to know. Any product of technology like refrigerator, television, computer, laptop, AC, washing machine, microwave, iron, fans etc are easily available to almost in everyone’s home. It has changed their life and human being has depended approximately on these all things. Every particular product has different features and quality. But now here we are just discussed on television. No doubt internet is developing in all over the world and provides any information about any field. But still television is one of the old famous and wonderful sources of information and entertainment. It plays such a significant part of an individual lives. It’s not easy to imagine how people would live if there were no TV. Before 100 years in 1940 engineers and scientist originated so many machine and TV is one from all of them. Through TV we can communicate both picture and sounds. It is the best system to expand our time. Nowadays youngsters and mostly children are disbursing maximum time in front of TV rather than reading books and playing outdoor games with their friends. In India television was established on 15th of September 1959 in Delhi. In 1972 numbers of TV centre starting in namely Mumbai Chennai Luckhnow, Kolkata, Srinagar and Punjab also. The color TV was launched in 1982 on 15th august. After that Doordarshan also was started and it consist of near about 64 Doodarshan kendars, approximate 24 regional news unit, 126 conservation centers, 202 high range transmitters and 828 low power transmitters and last is 30 channels and DTH service has authorized.

However, television is just like a machine and it’s very multiplex. It has electric cells and that picture receive and modify into electrics dots and lines, after these dots lines are transfer or dispatch the receiver set. In old time we had just black and white TV but now there are numbers of options and we can enjoy any shows on colored screen with the help of this machine people can watch their favorite shows, serials and songs etc. In today time diversion types of television sets are easily available in market. Every set has a dissimilar factor and quality. Tradition time we had only Texla TV but now time is changed and technology grow day to day and man produced LCD and LED. No doubt it’s very costly but it’s too much fast and perfect. There are so many DTH service connections like cable TV, Set up box, Tata sky, Videocon and Airtel. These services can be taken from djmaza. With the help of these connections lots of channels are played on set.

In spite of, it is the best route of enjoyment and we can watch serials on star plus, zeeTv, colours, sony, bindass, life ok, SAB channel and there are so many news channel and sports channel these stations provide us information about politics, games or sports and so on. It is a magnificent technique of modern science. It has included both aspects benefits of TV as well as some draw back also.

Effect of television

There are advantages and disadvantages of television are not the special. It also has both positive as well as negative effect on our society. First of all I am discussing about the positive impact of Television on our society and especially on children because If you are kid than it’s not easy to avoid TV.

Positive effects:-

  • It provides us information about our nation, science, finance, sports, world etc. There are so many channels like pogo and cartoon network etc which amuse our kids. Discovery channel, Geographic station gives us geographical knowledge. If any person is business men and he want to know about share market then go through sensex channels.
  • It helps increase perception among public. It also helps in acknowledgement about study and practices, any social welfare like dowry cases, BAL vivah. Child marriage and any legal offence can stop by different news channel like Aaj Tak. It can also help in our health issues  like any person suffer due to any disease for example poilo, cancer, TB patient and so on. TV can provide us lots of yoga channel and we can teach or doing practice at home. They give us proper diet to remain perfect and healthy.
  • There are so many reality shows related to singing, dancing, acting, comedy and so on. We can show and if anyone has talent of any of this activity the he or she can perform on these reality shows. People can watch also Astha channel, baba ramdev show and many others. Youngsters are mostly interested to watch movies and listen latest songs then they can show on filmy channel like Zee cinema, Stargold, Star one, UTV action, UTV movies, 9X tashan-Mh1-PTC Punjabi PTC chakde etc. For Punjabi latest songs and for funny videos.
  • It support in growth of our culture. We don’t know about culture, languages, dancing style and specialty to another state but through television we can watch on TV. Because so many channels from different state like kerala, telgu, tamil etc. are available on DTH service.

Negative effects:-

  • Watching so much TV is very harmful for our health. Most of the children are spend their time in front of TV and avoid their study. It’s not good for them. They are forget about any outdoor games not show interest in any physical activity so it’s not good for them health.
  • Youth are easily attract to western culture and trying to copy of the artist and waste their time. The want look like his or her favorite actor and actress. Some time they can’t afford that things but still they follow to their style and turn to some illegal or crime. So that’s why our society is not properly saved. It influences very bad effect on public.
  • It also affected to our daily diet because in TV we watch so many advertisement on eatable goods, hygienic product, and junk food like pizza, burger, coldrinks, chockates and so on are easily attract to children as well as youngsters also, it is the reason of cavity problem. So it’s wrongly impact on society.
  • Family interaction with each others is decreased day by day.They always watch kickass torrent videos. No one have time sit their relatives and friends to talk or share feelings to others. People are just busy on watch their favorite channels or shows.

Now I would like to conclude my topic television is the best way of amusement. It has both aspects negative and positive. If all its negative impact is omitted than it will become perfect mode of entertainment. We just need to check on the channels and choose those whats good or moral values for us and what should be banned. It’s all about our hands.

Rapid Advancement in Technology

“Time spins with every spins,there is a trumble” with the drastic change in each and every field the rapid development.In the modern era,Technology has always been doing a wonderful job of bringing prominent changes in the life of people.This equipment are revolutionizing services and facilities in almost all facts of life. In the persent time,a person cannot stand anywhere without technology.The electronic tools are introducing so many efficient ,innovative ways in transportation as well as computer field. I shall put my fourth argument with the support of my view in the following paragraph.


There are ample reasons that how technology has beneficial in transportation. Todays Bike has replace the bicycle and cars also replace the small vehicles. Both are saving our time day by day. In todays competitive era and time is pivotal factor in every individuals life.Through this new innovation the person can easily reached at their work on time with transport system. However,it also represent the various features in the transport.It also provide the more than four and six seats. In the present day,vehicles cannot pollute our city because of mechanism. On the other hand, by technology people are connected with each other. It is possible till we have mobile phone,computer and laptops. With internet we can easily attach with other person. Inspite of,the science field are making more thing for people day by day.They are launching the techincal devices for persons.There is always scope for improvement in a given technology and place for new inventions and discoveries.

On the flip side,computers are an inevitable part of all walks of human life now. It can also be of great help when one is connected to the World Wide Web. The computers are enriched with new software applications.This machine is never tired.The people can do multiple task while using this device. In the modern era,different type of works tottaly depends on electronic tools. This equipment use in hospitals,schools and bussinesses etc. This device make more comfortable our life.

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How Advertisement Adverse effect on People.

Advertising is all around us, it is mandatory of everyone life. Some people feel that advertising is a positive as well negative part of our lives. So today we discuss about both views. It is a form of marketing communication used to promote any product. It is not an easy art. It is a demand of economy and so we can say that it’s the backbone of commerce industry. Because any business cannot stay without advertisement. It is based on human psychology. Advertisements be very attractive because people look only if its eye catching.
With advertisement we can reach to maximum of the population and all over the world and maintain to brand value just like coke, Pepsi KFC, McD etc. No doubt everyone know their name still they are doing djpunjab adds so that whenever any person feels thirsty only Coke comes to their mind.

In today time people get to see lot of advertisement during breaks in between their TV Serials and Movies. There are more beneficial for our daily life but some drawback also children and youngsters are quickly attract to fast food chains like Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Noodles’ and so on. Some people are thinking that advertising helps in increasing awareness about company’s product. Because without promotion and publicity of companies and their upcoming product will not be possible. So its helps to every new run company in increasing sales and profits.
Some advertisement has played a negative effect in our life there are so many reasons. Some time we are sitting with our family and suddenly come ads like any cosmetic product that moment we feel very awkward. Because they just to show their beauty to men, which will lead to more offender. Sometimes you do not have the financial ability to buy that product and if u buys it will bad effect on your budget. On the other side there are some good advantages also. It helps us to know about upcoming things in market so everyone can easily to buy anything through online as well offline. There is different type of source which helps to promote ourselves or business also. Internet and online media, Newspapers, wall hoardings, banners, radio, magazines and television are the various ways of advertising.
In spite of the fact that ads are not concerned with the good or bad quality of goods. Advertisers cheat the public so we should be very careful while purchasing anything after watching their ads. We should use our own mind, instead of blindly trust of advertisement. As we can see there are many aspects to this article I personally feel it’s necessary of our personal as well as professional life.