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How to Pick the Right Data Logger Regardless of whether you have been an expert data logger user or somebody who is a complete newbie in this exercise, this article intends to provide you some help in selecting the right device to invest on. Right here, you will be provided with the basic considerations in choosing a data logger and some information on the features that you need to look for. ACCURACY FOR MEASUREMENT Whatever it is that you need to measure, it is very important that you know and understand about your own measurement accuracy requirements. For instance, a temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 2 degrees may just what you need from your device if you only need too monitor and measure your office air conditioning temperature. However, when you need to monitor the storage conditions of products that are temperature-sensitive, you may have to go for a device with greater accuracy. The same will apply if you are buying the data logging device for use in a research laboratory.
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Different data loggers do have their own specifications for accuracy. By knowing exactly your own activities’ accuracy requirements, you may not have to purchase a pricey data logger that offers more accuracy than you need or want. When checking for the accuracy specifications of a particular data logging device, do not miss to look for charts that display all the information you need. Do not rely on just a single value.
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RESOLUTION OF THE DATA LOGGER Another essential aspect that you need to look into is the data logger resolution. Resolution refers to the number of increments of a value which a data logger has the capability of report. For example, a data logger that comes with a 12-bit resolution may have the power to report 4,096 values over a particular temperature range. In spite of the fact that a 12-bit data logger model can offer better resolution over the 8-bit model, higher resolution cannot be always equated to better measurements. For always, a good and expert data logger supplier can provide you a good kind of assistance whenever you feel so unsure with your application’s requirements for resolution and accuracy. DURABILITY In the process of purchasing a data logger, it is necessary for you to check the weather of the conditions of the place where it will situated and used and to determine if the same can withstand such. One example is if you are intending to perform monitoring in an office hallway, you need to choose the device that comes with a hard plastic enclosure. This is so you can make use of the product longer.