Rapid Advancement in Technology

“Time spins with every spins,there is a trumble” with the drastic change in each and every field the rapid development.In the modern era,Technology has always been doing a wonderful job of bringing prominent changes in the life of people.This equipment are revolutionizing services and facilities in almost all facts of life. In the persent time,a person cannot stand anywhere without technology.The electronic tools are introducing so many efficient ,innovative ways in transportation as well as computer field. I shall put my fourth argument with the support of my view in the following paragraph.


There are ample reasons that how technology has beneficial in transportation. Todays Bike has replace the bicycle and cars also replace the small vehicles. Both are saving our time day by day. In todays competitive era and time is pivotal factor in every individuals life.Through this new innovation the person can easily reached at their work on time with transport system. However,it also represent the various features in the transport.It also provide the more than four and six seats. In the present day,vehicles cannot pollute our city because of mechanism. On the other hand, by technology people are connected with each other. It is possible till we have mobile phone,computer and laptops. With internet we can easily attach with other person. Inspite of,the science field are making more thing for people day by day.They are launching the techincal devices for persons.There is always scope for improvement in a given technology and place for new inventions and discoveries.

On the flip side,computers are an inevitable part of all walks of human life now. It can also be of great help when one is connected to the World Wide Web. The computers are enriched with new software applications.This machine is never tired.The people can do multiple task while using this device. In the modern era,different type of works tottaly depends on electronic tools. This equipment use in hospitals,schools and bussinesses etc. This device make more comfortable our life.

How Advertisement Adverse effect on People.

Advertising is all around us, it is mandatory of everyone life. Some people feel that advertising is a positive as well negative part of our lives. So today we discuss about both views. It is a form of marketing communication used to promote any product. It is not an easy art. It is a demand of economy and so we can say that it’s the backbone of commerce industry. Because any business cannot stay without advertisement. It is based on human psychology. Advertisements be very attractive because people look only if its eye catching.
With advertisement we can reach to maximum of the population and all over the world and maintain to brand value just like coke, Pepsi KFC, McD etc. No doubt everyone know their name still they are doing djpunjab adds so that whenever any person feels thirsty only Coke comes to their mind.

In today time people get to see lot of advertisement during breaks in between their TV Serials and Movies. There are more beneficial for our daily life but some drawback also children and youngsters are quickly attract to fast food chains like Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Noodles’ and so on. Some people are thinking that advertising helps in increasing awareness about company’s product. Because without promotion and publicity of companies and their upcoming product will not be possible. So its helps to every new run company in increasing sales and profits.
Some advertisement has played a negative effect in our life there are so many reasons. Some time we are sitting with our family and suddenly come ads like any cosmetic product that moment we feel very awkward. Because they just to show their beauty to men, which will lead to more offender. Sometimes you do not have the financial ability to buy that product and if u buys it will bad effect on your budget. On the other side there are some good advantages also. It helps us to know about upcoming things in market so everyone can easily to buy anything through online as well offline. There is different type of source which helps to promote ourselves or business also. Internet and online media, Newspapers, wall hoardings, banners, radio, magazines and television are the various ways of advertising.
In spite of the fact that ads are not concerned with the good or bad quality of goods. Advertisers cheat the public so we should be very careful while purchasing anything after watching their ads. We should use our own mind, instead of blindly trust of advertisement. As we can see there are many aspects to this article I personally feel it’s necessary of our personal as well as professional life.